POG Presents: Eileen Myles & Dodie Bellamy

¡¡¡POG Presents Eileen Myles and Dodie Bellamy!!!

Eileen Myles is a poet, novelist, performer and art journalist and the author of nineteen books including I Must Be Living Twice: New & Selected Poems and a re-issue of Chelsea Girls, both forthcoming from Ecco/Harper Collins in 2015.

Dodie Bellamy is a novelist, poet, and essayist who specializes in genre-bending work that focuses on feminism, sexuality, cultural artifacts both high and low, and all things queer. This fall Semiotext(e) will publish her third collection of memoirs/essays, following Pink Steam (2004) and Academonia (2006). The new book, _When the Sick Rule the World_, centers on questions of health and illness, both personal and societal. Written over a span of eight years, the collection begins with an investigation of whistling as a gender practice in a racially-torn and class-divided society. The book ends in tech-colonized San Francisco, with an urban witch performing a ritual that rips up the sidewalks.

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